Arizona Economic Dashboard

Arizona Economic Dashboard

The Dashboard includes regularly-updated data and information to give businesses the best insights into Arizona’s local market as businesses move toward recovery.

As a trusted business resource, the Greater Phoenix Chamber is committed to promoting economic prosperity in the Greater Phoenix region.

2020年8月, the Chamber launched the Arizona Economic Dashboard to ensure that Arizona businesses are equipped with current, meaningful economic data to inform business growth and expansion.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a seismic shift for all industries—Arizona’s booming economy quickly halted. The Arizona Economic Dashboard helps guide businesses through the economic recovery and provides the information needed to make relevant decisions in the economic climate.


Below are a few key indicators that will provide insight our economic recovery.


The amount of 收入 generated in Arizona from sales and use tax collected.


The number of individuals who are unemployed as a percentage of the total labor force in Arizona.

COVID-19 Cases by Day

Updated December 16, 2021


This baseline data tracks important COVID-19 statistics to show changes from the onset, throughout the recovery period, 及以后.


Economic metrics provide a snapshot of the status of Arizona’s economy and tracks progress toward economic recovery.


Arizona’s housing market and commercial real estate sectors will be key indicators during the post COVID-19 recovery.


监测工作, job creation and retention, and talent pipeline data is fundamental to supporting the economy.

Resource for small-to-medium sized businesses

估量亚利桑那州 provides small-to-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs around the state with the market research and data analytics necessary to better understand competition and fine-tune their business model for success. The site provides the ability to research costs, 收入, 客户, 位置, and marketing strategy scenarios comparative to similar businesses around Arizona and the U.S.

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